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So you’re visiting or living in the most beautiful city in the world and need a photographer in Paris?

Well how should you go about finding and selecting the best photographer in Paris for your need?

Whether it is for the next best photo shoot in Paris to capture your memories or for your next marketing campaign this article will guide you through how to find and select your photographer in Paris.

alexandre 3 bridge photo shoot
Photography by Photography by Gabi Alves, Paris photographer
  1. Let’s start with the beginning. Where should you search for your Paris photographer ? You have two choices:

    • Well intuitively in this 21st century you will be “googling” “photographer in Paris”, from there you will have thousands of results and it will be up to you to go through the most relevant ones and browse the different photographers’ websites. Look at their portfolio and finally contact them to enquire about the photographer’s prices in Paris. This is quite a bit of work but on the good side you can see extensively their work. The downside of that approach is comparing them becomes difficult and emailing them all is also quite time consuming…
    • The social media approach. You’re an Instagram fan? Well perfect, nowadays you can find the shoot inspiration and the photographer at the same time simply by browsing through Instagram. That’s a great approach as you will see the most recent work of photographers in Paris and get a lot of inspiration. Next step would be to contact the photographers to enquire about prices.
    • Obviously we’re “a bit” biased on that one but using a photographer booking site like KYMA, really helps to browse through the photographers available, compare their portfolios and prices. On top of that you can read verified reviews from past users straight on the photographer’s profile. Great method in our opinion if you don’t like sending dozens of emails to enquire about prices.

      photographer in paris
      Photography by Photography by Gabi Alves, Paris photographer
  2. TOP 7 things you should  verify with your photographer in Paris before working together:

    • Do you speak the same language? That might sound obvious when you’re an English native speaker but…. A lot of people don’t speak English. As such we highly recommend that you make sure that your Paris photographer speaks your language. It is crucial for communication together and for having a great photo shoot in Paris.
    • How consistent is the photographer’s style on the portfolio. Make sure your photographer has a very consistent style. When looking at a photographer’s portfolio it should jump to your eyes what style he/she has. If you spot a huge mix of styles it’s usually not a great sign as it means that person is either trying to find herself or changing style. What we’re trying to say is that you should know what you’re going for with that photographer! Consistency of style is key
    • Will the photographer guide you during the photo shoot? Let us explain here, when you’re having a photo shoot in Paris whatever the reason you will need to communicate your desires to the photographer and he will need to communicate to you how to achieve the best results possible for photos in Paris. Guidance during the shoot will vary greatly during the shoot. Some photographers are very hands on and like to pose and direct you for every details whereas others are very “free” and simply let you be. It is really up to you and how you feel in front of a camera. If you know exactly how to pose/act/behave  then you can afford taking a photographer that has more of photo journalistic approach. On the contrary if this is your first photo shoot,  make sure the photographer likes to give direction on how to pose for the best result.
    • How long does the photographer take to deliver you the final result. This might seem obvious it will be quick in this social media day and age but it is always good to be clear on that topic not to have bad suprises further down the line if you are expecting a quick turn around.
    • What type of copyright do you get with your images? Will your photographer in Paris deliver images along with a personal copyright release or a commercial release? This is something important to know if you’re looking at re using those images in your business.
    • If going to several photo session locations in Paris:
      • how long does it take to go from one to the other? You don’t want your photo session time to be 70% transport time…
      • How will you move from one location to the other? Set expectations, will you use a dedicated transportation service during your photo shoot in Paris or will you use public transportation? Note that usually it is not included. You can read more on this article on how to organize your photo shoot in Paris.
    • Can you change attire during your photo shoot? It depends usually on where you will shoot and for how long, so make sure to ask your photographer if it possible or not.

      paris photographer photoshoot with daniel cojocaru b-f
      Photography by Daniel Cojocaru, Paris photographer available for photo shoots
  3. Your Paris photographer is key to unlocking Paris’ best kept secret.

    By hiring a photographer in Paris you can expect to discover new areas of the city of old ones under a new angle. This won’t be a surprise but your photographer should be there to guide you on the best locations of Paris for a photo shoot and the best time to shoot at. It is crucial to make sure that your photographer knows the right places in Paris and will unlock those to you.

    paris photographer photoshoot with daniel cojocaru b-f
    Photography by Daniel Cojocaru, Paris photographer available for photo shoots
  4. Client reviews of Photographers in Paris

    Hiring your Paris photographer  can be a big deal if it’s your first time. We highly recommend for you to read real trusted reviews about your photographer to make sure that with his/her past clients in Paris everything went perfectly. Reading reviews also helps you grasp what style/guidance to expect during the shoot. People are usually sharing all those details in review and that helps a lot.

    paris photo session rings
    Photography by Federico Guendel
  5. Your photographer is a human

    That might sound funny but…. Keep that in mind when choosing your photographer in Paris. It is important for the simple reason that you want to like his/her personality. You need to get along with your photographer to get amazing result. Having a quick call, exchanging messages or reading reviews about the photographer will quickly give you an idea of who this artist living in Paris is. Make sure you guys get along together.

  6. Avoiding scams or bad photographers

    We’re all afraid of paying a deposit in advance to a photographer in Paris and having the photographer never show up… Although this is very rare as photographers have their brand and reputation in line, we always recommend people to beware of scams in Paris. One of the reason KYMA exists for example is to bring that security to people who use our platform to book their photographer. KYMA will basically reimburse you 100% if the photographer does not show up or will find you a replacement immediately. The last thing you want is sending money directly and never being able to get it back! With KYMA you’re covered

    paris photoshoot in the rain - KYMA - Jacques Mateos
    Photography by Jacques Mateos
  7. How much can you expect to pay for your photographer in Paris?

    We have a whole article on that. We highly encourage you to read it: What is the price of a photo shoot in Paris?
    To make it short expect anywhere between 250€ and 600€ for an hour photo shoot in Paris. This all varies based on the number of images you get from your photographer, his experience and trendiness.

    best photo shoot paris notre dame couple
    Photography by Pierre T. Lambert
  8. Can I find cheap photographers in Paris or maybe free ones?

    Long story short yes you can find cheap or free photographers in Paris. Who? Simply students or wannabe photographers who want to practice their art on people. There is not definite place for finding that it comes down to word of mouth. Just a warning, don’t expect your wannabe cheap Paris photographer  to deliver the same level of experience and result as an experienced professional photographer.

    photographer in paris macaroon engagement ring
    Photography by Photography by Gabi Alves, Paris photographer
  9. How to organize with your Paris photographer the photo shoot?

    To organize the shoot with your photographer in Paris we highly encourage you to read our in depth guide on the perfect photo shoot in Paris

    photographer louvre paris photo shoot
    Photography by Photography by Gabi Alves, Paris photographer

That wraps up this article created to help you know what to look for when searching for a photographer in Paris. There is a lot of choice available and it is important for you to understand and define what you can expect, what is important for your shoot in the city of lights and how to approach the whole thing.

photo shoot with photographer in paris
Photography by Photography by Gabi Alves, Paris photographer

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