Paris Photo Shoot

paris photo shoot balloons eiffel tower

Whether you know Paris inside out or this is your first time in the most romantic city in the world, a photo shoot in Paris gives you the unique opportunity to capture your special moments while in Paris.

We put together this article with the feedback of many clients and the professional advice of the best Paris photographers to help you organise and define what is important for your Paris photo shoot.

Let’s discover together the most important steps to organising the best photo session in Paris. We’ll discuss how to book your Paris photographer, how to prepare for your photo session, what you should do on the day and what to expect after your photo shoot in Paris.

  1. How to book the best Paris photographer

paris photo shoot eiffel tower silhouette
Photography by Pierre T. Lambert

We built KYMA to make the process of booking your Paris photographer the easiest and most secure in the world. Before you start keep in mind that each photographer has his own style and also prices and the choice you will make should be motivated by the belief that his style matches your taste more than your wallet – don’t cut corners, remember you are investing in timeless memories. With that in mind here is how to hire the right photographer in Paris:

  • Browse through the photographers available for Paris couples photoshoot (engagements, love, proposals, pre-weddings) or Paris family photoshoot on KYMA.
  • Discover each photographer’s portfolio and read more about their personal story on their profile page.
  • Check each photographer’s proposed packages.
  • Save your favorite photographer to short list and pick the winner.
  • Send the photographer your photo shoot booking request (use the booking widget on your favorite photographer’s KYMA profile page). You will be asked for the date/time and the package you chose. Fear not, you can always adjust the time later with your photographer. The system will also ask you for your payment information in order to secure the date with the photographer.
  • Within 48hours your photographer will have confirmed the Paris photo shoot and you will be ready to jump to the second step!
  1. how to prepare & OrganiSe for your Paris photo sHOOT

paris photoshoot with daniel cojocaru b-f
Photography by Daniel Cojocaru, Paris photographer available for photo shoots

Once you have booked you photographer it is time to prepare for the photo shoot. It is fairly simple and your photographer will greatly help you in the process. Here is what you will need to decide on and plan in advance:

What is the best location for your Paris photo shoot?
paris photo shoot bridge
Photography by Pierre T. Lambert

Paris is an incredible city because you could go almost anywhere and get amazing shots with that warm and romantic atmosphere. That being said each Paris photographer has their favorites and here is an extensive list of the locations usually proposed for a session:

  • Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower view
  • Champs de Mars, Eiffel Tower
  • Bir Hakeim bridge
  • Alexandre III bridge
  • The Louvre Museum
  • The Tuileries Garden
  • The “place de la Concorde”
  • The Cathedral of Notre Dame area
  • Montmartre area / Sacré Coeur
  • Palais-Royal
  • The Moulin Rouge

These are the most common photo shoot places in Paris. The 5 best places for a photo shoot in Paris have been covered in an article on the blog that includes detailed information on the best time to shoot and tips for each.

Date & Time of your Paris photo session
paris photo shoot alexandre 3 bridge

Photography by Ian Holmes, Paris photographer

Through your booking request you have already expressed your desired date & time but you might want to adjust the time depending on the places you will go to for your photo shoot in Paris. Some spots are better at sunrise and others at sunset. If you need to change the date or time you can do so from your personal dashboard on KYMA.

Note that usually the best times are sunrise, sunset and nighttime.

Sunrise: Avoid the crowds of tourists and enjoy an amazing warm and soft light.

paris photoshoot Eiffel Tower - KYMA - Jacques Mateos
Photography by Jacques Mateos

Sunset: You will appreciate the beautiful sky, the warm light and the city starting to slowly lit up, creating an amazing ambiance for your photos.


Night time: Capture the real “city of lights” and its romantic atmosphere.

night photo shoot paris le louvre
Photography by Daniel Cojocaru
How to move around Paris during your photo shoot?
Photo shoot paris transport
Photography by Linh Tran

The best transport around Paris is the fastest. Overall walking is the easiest, Paris is very small and you can usually go from one location to another by foot. If your next shooting location is a bit of a stretch by foot you can either get an Uber/Taxi or during rush hour, take the metro. It is a great experience too and usually a good opportunity for candid pictures of you in the undergrounds of Paris. If you’re adventurous you can even take Paris’ public bike rental system: the Velib – prepare for a lot of fun.

How to dress for your Paris photo shoot?
best paris photographer of the month on kyma
Photography by Gabi Alves

Regarding the outfits, it is recommended to go with solid colours or very simple patterns (it looks better in your pictures). Other than that nothing is set in stones. After all it is your photo shoot and your personality should shine through!

Overall this is want you want to aim for:

  • For Mr, usually a suit or a dress more sport/ chic.
  • For Ms, a dress or formal/cocktail dress with heels (you could have flat shoes for walking around between the shots).
  • Clothes in which you feel comfortable and attractive.
  • Clothes you would be happy to see yourself in in 25 years.
  • If it gets cold bring a nice & warm coat with a scarf. You might want to remove it for some pictures which is fine.
Should you bring accessories to your Paris photo shoot?
paris photo shoot balloons eiffel tower
Photography by Federico Guendel

Well it really depends on you! Remember this is your photo shoot in Paris, you want to make it as personal as possible! If it means brining that good old’ Ukulele that sparked your relationship go ahead and bring it, your Paris photographer will love it.

On the less personal side a lot of people like to bring props like balloons, big hearts etc… this is really up to you and your personality. Photographers agree that props are usually a good addition to inject some fun in the shoot.

What if it rains for the day of your photo shoot in Paris?
paris photo shoot rain romantic
Photography by Pierre T. Lambert

As mentioned above you can modify the date and time with your photographer in Paris if it works for both your schedules. Rains might sound scary but there is never tropical rain in Paris and it can help creating the most amazing you will ever have. A one in a lifetime experience.

  1. It’s the day of your photo shoot, Now what ?

best paris proposal photographer on kyma
Photography by Gabi Alves, proposal photographer in Paris, France

Perfect the D day has arrived! A few things very important to check off your list before going for your photo shoot:

  • Leave your most important belongings at your hotel. Take only what is necessary with you: a bit of cash (or your credit card), your phone and the card of your hotel. Don’t bother bringing your purse or a big wallet you won’t need it and carrying it is a risk of losing/getting it stolen.
  • Make screenshot of the photo shoot reminder email and carry it on your phone. (You will have to give the photographer the payment code mentioned inside).
  • For Ms, bring shoes easy to walk around with as an extra pair.
  • Check the weather one last time and if it gets cold add a few layers you can remove for the photos and put back on after.
  • Eat something before, you don’t want to be hungry during the shoot. It is essential to keep your energy level up.
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before for a safety margin.
cafe for paris photo shoot romantic
Photography by Gabi Alves.

Quick tip, during the photo shoot in Paris: creating amazing pictures requires a joint effort between you and your photographer. If there is one time you should let loose, forget about the rest of the world and immerse yourself in the moment with your loved one(s), this is the time. Your Paris photographer will help you by posing you and suggesting what looks best for the camera but the one thing a photographer in Paris cannot do is force your inner self to connect with your loved one and enjoy the moment. The more connected / playful you are the better the pictures. Remember you are here to have fun and create amazing memories.

  1. After your Paris photo shoot

paris photo session rings
Photography by Federico Guendel

Once your photo shoot in Paris is over you will – most likely – be dying to see the results!

Receiving the pictures of your session:

Your Paris photographer will send you the pictures once they are ready usually via an online private gallery. Each photographer has his own method of distribution but overall they will all send you a link with the pictures to view / download. You will receive the number of images mentioned in the package that you chose.

Helping others:

KYMA has been built to help you find and book the best photographer in Paris and around the world simply and securely. We have a verified reviews system to help you make the right choice by reading other people’s reviews of a photographer. Now that you have enjoyed your session with your Paris photographer it is your time to leave a review for your photographer. The KYMA team will send you an email in the next 2 weeks to ask you to review your photographer. Don’t skip this step it is essential for helping your photographer grow his business the right way and easing others into making the right choice.

paris photoshoot at trocadero in front of eiffel tower
Photography by Jacques Mateos

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