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Getting Started as a Photographer

Learn everything you need to be up and running shooting in no time!


Clients often search for photographers that meet specific needs & style. Describing accurately your services and what you can offer (for ex. if you propose prints to clients) will help attract the right client for you. Your personnality is part of your style so describe yourself accurately in a compelling way - in case of doubt ask a good friend to do it for you. Let the clients know how you usually deliver pictures (in person review, online, else...)


You are a photographer so this should not be too difficult for you to have amazing pictures to showcase! You can choose your profile cover photo and for each photo you upload, set the category of the shoot. Please upload your BEST pictures and be consitent in style, remember this what will get the client to look more into your profile.

Pricing & availabilities

You know your skills and schedule best, so we let you decide the price. We only ask you to update your calendar to show when you are NOT available. When you indicate that you are not available we make sure not to show you in search results. Decide on your pricing by creating packages for the photo sessions you propose. Define the type and duration of the shoot, the number of images delivered, the usage rights and add custom descriptions. We will display those packages on your profile so that client can choose the one they prefer.

Choose with who you have the session

You will receive booking request on an individual basis and can respond to them as you receive them. You have 48 hours to respond to a request after what it will expire and you will have lost the job - don't miss it out!

Coordinating the shoot

Once the photo shoot is confirmed you can define a meeting point for your client. Use our messaging system to arrange the details with your client. Let him know where exactly you will meet, how he should be dressed (if needed) or what he should have prepared for your arrival. Some clients might have extra special needs or things they can't do so communicate well on them. Bonus, in case you want to add special notes not to forget something about this client, you can do so and just before the shoot you will receive a reminder with all the details and your private notes.

During the Session

At the begining of the session you will ask the client for the "payment code" that has been sent to the client in his booking confirmation email or via his dashboard. Please validate it together on your payment code validation page. All you have to do after is create some amazing photos! For any problem during that validation make sure to contact us.

After the Session

Time to work on the pictures and send them to your client via your favorite platform. On average it is recommended to deliver within 15 days, depending on the type of shoot it could be more.

Looking for more info?

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