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Frequently Asked Questions for Photographers

See the most common questions and their answers

Is KYMA supporting any cause?

KYMA donates 1% of each booking to charity. Read more about it.

How do I get started?

Create your profile page to display your best work. Each photographer has a beautiful profile on KYMA showcasing their best work and the services they propose.

How do I create a photo shoot package?

Head over to your Dashboard > Photo Shoots > Proposed Packages section. There you will see a "create a package" button. Hit it and follow the instructions.

What are the copyrights granted to the client?

You choose what copyrights to give to the client with the images. Either personal or commercial ones. We included default copyrights (to make it easier for you) that every client will be bound to when working with you. Choose from "personal" or "commercial" - you can read in details what they include here: copyrights details. Considering that each photographer works differently we also give you the option to override those default ones with your own, simply add them in your custom agreements.

How much does it cost to be listed?

Nothing, nada, rien! Free? Yes, It's free to have a KYMA profile. We don't even charge you if you book clients. :-)

Should my prices include sale taxes?

Long story short: Yes. Sales taxes are not always applicable depending on where you live and what you deliver to your clients. If sales taxes are applicable to you then the price you list should already include it. Prices displayed on KYMA profiles are inclusive of all taxes. It is your responsibility to include it.

How do I add special agreements for my client?

Head over to your Dashboard > Photo Shoots > Agreements section. There you can add a new agreement template. Once done go to your Proposed Packages section and add it to the package of your choice. Keep in mind that the cancellation policies are already handled by KYMA - no need to put it again.

Do I get paid if the client cancels a shoot last minute?

You will be paid accordingly to the cancellation policy you chose to apply to the package the client booked. Read more about the cancellation policies.

How do people find me?

You will be listed for the cities (and a radius around) that you set up in your profile. Clients then find you in the search results for that area.

How do I get hired?

Clients chose the service you listed that fits their needs. When you set up your profile we ask you to list the services you provide and their prices. Think of it as packages you propose the client: duration, # of images, prices & copyright type.

What shooting types can I list on KYMA?

You can list Aerial photography, Architecture, Birthday party, Boudoir session, Commerical shoot, Concert photography, Couples & Engagement session, Events coverage, Extreme sport session, Family session, Fashion session, Food photography, Headshot session, In studio Portrait session, Landscapes, Newborn session, Other, Pet session, Product shoot, Real Estate shoot, Senior session, Surf session, Team sport session, Traveller quick session, Weddings, at the moment. Feel free to email us to add new ones!

How do I modify the date & time of a booking?

To modify a booking, simply go to your dashboard > photo shoots > upcoming section and hit the button with a pen icon. You can then send a modification request to your client to change the date & time.

How do I cancel a booking?

Go to dashboard > photo shoots > upcoming section and hit the red cross button. Make sure you are aware the cancellation policies before you cancel the shoot.

How do payments work?

All your clients will pay securely through the KYMA platform. Stripe helps KYMA provide a seamless payment experience for you and your customers. We’ll take care of getting you set up with a Stripe account, and you can accept payments immediately. After your first payment, we’ll follow-up with an email asking for a few details about your business. Any question on payment just drop us a line at, we will get back to you in no time!

How do I create a transfer to my bank account?

You will be able to create the transfer to your account 48 hours after validating the payment code with your client.
After which you can head to your dashboard on the payout preferences page to create the transfer yourself. Any question or problem please contact us

How can I see the payments I received?

After your first booking your payments and their status will be visible in your dashboard.

Who can leave a review on my profile?

All the reviews on KYMA are written by past clients, so any review you see is based on a photo shoot that was booked through KYMA. A photographer needs to receive star ratings from at least 2 reviews before their aggregate score appears.

I don't deliver any digital photos, what can I do?

Right now, the best is to send us an email and we will find a solution with you. At the moment each photo shoot package must include at least a digital photo for your client.

Why is the price on my public photographer page higher than the one I listed?

Your photographer page shows the final price that the client will pay which includes the service fee, charity donation and tax (when applicable). It drives people crazy to see a price increase on checkout - with KYMA what the client sees is what he pays & what you list is what you get paid.

Can I talk to a human from KYMA?

Yes, please do! We would love to help you out. Simply call the number listed on the contact page.