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Read more about personal & commercial copyrights

By default the following copyrights apply when you book a photographer with "personal" or "commercial" copyrights. Some photographers override those terms with their own. If this is the case you will see a link to read the photographer's agreement that apply on the booking request page.

Copyright and Reproductions for personal use | It is agreed that the Photographer providing the service (Photographer) shall own the copyright to all images created through this contract. The Photographer shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions for the Client’s or for the Photographers' portfolios, samples, self-promotions, entry in photographic contests or art exhibitions, editorial use, for display within or on the outside of the photographers' studio, including the internet. The Photographer grants permission to the Client to make reproduction of the work in any size or quantity for the following use: personal only within the family and friend circle. Unauthorized copying or use of the Photographer's images is an infringement of Federal Copyright Law (Code de la propriété intellectuelle) and a violation of the contract. Unless specifically stated, this contract does not provide the Client with any ownership of or rights to use the negatives or digital image files created under this contract.

Copyright and Reproductions for commercial use | The Photographer providing the service (Photographer) will retain ownership of the copyright in the Photography Work created for the Client, but will license certain rights to the Client, as set out below. Photographer has the right to register the rights to the Photography Work in the U.S. Copyright Office. Client agrees that the reproduction of the Photography Work (PW) in the Client’s brochures, advertisement or other media of the Client, in which the PW appears will contain a notice of copyright (showing Photographer is the Owner) that complies with all notice requirements of the United States Copyright Act. Photographer grants to Company the use of the PW in the Company’s literature, advertisement or other media owned by the Company. Photographer does not grant to the Company the right to reproduce the PW for sale by the Company or assign Company’s right in the PW to any other individual or entity. Photographer reserves the right to license publication or use of the PW to other entities. The Photographer acknowledges that the PW is original with the Photographer, and agrees that the PW contains no material from other copyrighted works without the written consent of the owners of such copyrighted materials or without the written consent of any individuals in the PW.