In the Big Apple, photographers often double as a tour guide, since landmarks are all compacted into one dense collection of city blocks. The New York life is a bustling overabundance of sights and sounds, you might not even consider hiring a professional photographer for your own New York City photo session. This would be a mistake, however, as we will point out to you what you will be missing if you just relied on your camera phone with a selfie stick.

Have Fun with a Photo shoot in New York City

Best New York City Photo Session GuidePhotography by Julia Cawley

Even the selfie addicts of today know that great pictures take time and can be frustrating to set up. By hiring you own personal photographer for the day, you can jump from landmark, to store, to restaurants and get amazing captures of what your visit to New York City was like in a more stress-free and natural format. A photographer’s job is easy when NYC has so much beauty surrounding every backdrop, but having that same effect when the camera is in your own hands is difficult to recreate.

Get more than a New York City Photographer

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While you could just grab the cheapest NYC photographer that you can find on the street, it’s better to do some research before embarking on your trip, so that you know what to expect when you get there. Check reviews to see what other clients have to say about your prospects, find out if you’re going to get along with them, and see if they can be of use, guiding you through New York City. Most photographers New Yorkers are very passionate about the great places that make up their city, so if your guy sounds more like a businessman, consider paying a little more (or possibly less) to have more chemistry/fun.

What you should get for your NYC Photo Session

Best New York City Photo Session GuidePhotography by Julia Cawley

The best New York City photographers, who know what they’re doing, can frame and adapt your personal photo shoot for any special occasion, whether it’s just a couple session, engagement, honeymoon, eloping, birthday or family portraits. Every New York City photographer has their own go-to plans for camera filters, locations, and other ways to set the perfect mood for a photo session.

Get that Insider’s Perspective of NYC

Great New York City Photo Session GuidePhotography by Jay Lim

The value that a professional New York photographer brings goes beyond a glorified rental of their equipment and skillset, you also get someone who can give you advice on how to survive in NYC or find the hidden gems that are often missed by surface-level tourism. This could give you an advantage on time spent traveling and figuring out where to go for the most authentic New Yorker experience.

You could, theoretically, nail every major New York landmark in your photo session in one day, surrounding Time Square, pop out of the gridlock and into an authentic Italian restaurant, get some shopping done, and only end up paying a few hundred dollars for a photoshoot that returns dozens of postcard-quality pictures for you to share with all your family and friends.

Most NYC photographers offer hourly and landmark-based rates, where they either bundle a package of landmarks into a flat rate or charge by the hour. This is where you can find some unbeatable deals, just do some research before you leave!

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