We all know how important it is to hire a professional to record and photograph the biggest day in your life, your wedding, but most of us neglect to do the same for the 2nd most important day: the proposal! Everyone loves hearing about the moment when you or your lover dropped the big question, even if it was a generic one that involved putting the ring in a glass of champagne (or a lobster if you’re from Maine and you know a guy, who knows the chef).

Say “No” to Photobombs

Hiring an inexperienced hand leaves everything happening in that very moment up to chance, while a trained photographer will have the training and experience to get the best angle and prepare the area to avoid any possible instance of having someone’s fat head in the middle of your romantic shot.

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Women Love Attention to Detail

Proposals that are creative and unexpected are nice already, but going that extra mile to show her you really put a lot of thought into this moment they’ve been waiting for since they were little girls will really send her to the Moon. She’ll cherish these photos for the rest of her life.

Hire Best Proposal Photographer

Being Extra Sneaky

Just because you’re hiring a photographer, doesn’t mean you have to turn it into a public spectacle or that you have to reveal your hand early. A photographer can be your partner in crime, so to speak, and allow for a much more prepared or special surprise.

Hire Best Proposal Photographer

You will be Loved on Social Media

It might seem silly in the grand scheme of things, for most of us, but what’s really another great added bonus to hiring a photographer to capture your proposal is that everyone will love that you shared your special moment so that they can experience those awesome feelings with you. It’s not uncommon for the more creative proposal idea to go viral online and, potentially, hit the news. That just means more stuff to show your kids when they grow up!

Hire Best Proposal Photographer

Memories for Life

Continuing off that last thought, having photographs of your proposal that allow you to relive the moment all over again is a truly priceless investment. It’s easy for you to forget stuff when you get older, so sometimes going back to look at video or pictures can almost put you back in those shoes in that very moment when your loved one proposed to you. That’s practically time-traveling, my friend. It’s hard to accomplish that kind of feat with a few crappy iPhone pictures or a grainy Instagram video shot by your friend’s shaky hands and heavy breathing. We’re just saying: hire a professional.

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